BG - Dark Slide 2.0

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It's time to join the Dark Slide!  Half control type material and half slick material, the BG Dark Slide cornhole bags are more of a two sided slide bag vs a stop and go with a traditional faster and slower side.  On normal semi gloss tournament grade finishes, we would rate the control side speed at a 9 and the slicker side speed at an 9.  This bag is great for when conditions get sticky or for someone that just likes a bag with finesse.  This bag is one of the most forgiving in the game.  Just get it close to the hole and this baby slinks in!  It's loose and soft yet ultra controllable.  Grab a set and start kickin' ass!  Before you know it you'll have the competition wishing they too joined the dark slide!

** BG Dark Slide 2.0 is ACL Pro approved and will deliver ACL Pro stamped **