Reynolds - Aftermath

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Aftermath -

The consequences or aftereffects of a significant event. Years have passed. New age carpet is feverishly dropped at the doorstep of every bag manufacturer by suppliers across the country. We are humbled yet hungry. Carpet. A word we first breathed life into nearly a decade ago. An icon of the game. 

This all new Aftermath carpet on the slow side is here to settle the score. DPR matters and this bag will put you in the driver's seat to manufacturer points like no other. Place it with pinpoint accuracy, then collect it at will. 

Pro Advantage material highlights the fast side. Tried and true. Battle tested and victorious. OG as it comes. 

When the dust settles if your bag doesn't say Reynolds, is it even Carpet? #CarpetCreator #CarpetBurns #FabricLegends 

As seen on ESPN, NBC, and CBS.  Approved for all ACL Tournaments!

Speed Scale Ratings depending on throwing style and board conditions- 3.6 / 7