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Say Hello to our little friend!! Here at Reynolds Bags, we know CARPET... hell we named it Carpet!!! The Carpet Bag is on a mission and possesses a very specific set of skills. This bag boasts our new Cyclone material on the fast side and our CARPET 2.0 material on the slow side!!

This bag came to party, is hole friendly and can flop, shake, rattle and roll with the best of them, so it's time to get your ROLL ON!!  This Carpet is not just hole friendly; its hole obsessed! This Carpet will SLOW it down a bit on fast boards yet still move when things get sticky.

The Cyclone fast side is pretty even keeled, yet quick and controllable for that perfect push shot!! This bag melts in your hand!

When the dust settles if your bag doesn't say Reynolds, is it even Carpet? #CarpetBurns #KickLife #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated #FabricLegends #HoleObsession

As seen on ESPN, NBC, and CBS.  Approved for all ACL Tournaments!

Speed Scale Ratings depending on throwing style and board conditions- 3.14 / 8.5