Reynolds - Patriot

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The Patriot.  This bag is manufactured to win.  Point. Blank. Period.  On the slick side, our all new Patriot material.  This fabric brings the HEAT.  Fast but manageable.  It brings with it a relaxed feel that is as hole friendly as they come.  The Patriot material is the greatest complement to our "Carpet" material to date!

The opposite side... the "OG Carpet" material.  Carpet with a "Kick".  You see, it's the kick you all should be worried about, copy that if anything else.  The kick, so to speak... is what allows our "Carpet" material to offer you the most control and maneuverability of any fabric in the game.  Our Carpet allows you the ability to choose what you would like to do.  Throw a flat bag... straight it goes.  Take some heat off and kick around your opponent's bags.  Tilt that wrist... Flop, shake, rattle and Roll your way into the hole!!  The choice is yours!  It's the kick that makes this the most dangerous material on the market.  Learn it, love it... eat sleep and breathe the "Kick" because when you do, you can manipulate our "Carpet" material to do anything you would like it to do on the boards elevating your game to new heights you never imagined possible.  You deserve "Carpet" without limitations.  Precision, that is what has made this material the choice of Top ACL Pro's!!  The ability to put the bag where you want it, when you want it, that's what it's all about.  You see, this whole time it's always been about that "Kick" and they didn't even know it!!  Often imitated but never duplicated! #KickLife #CarpetBurns 

 ESPN approved for all ACL Tournaments