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The Mojo Ultra Cornhole Bag has been tailored to be slightly looser than the Widow with more stick for cuts and rolls. Mojo features a full carpet style fabric on the “slow” side and the “fast” side (side with graphics) is the same material as the Psycho-X slow side. The speed of the fast and slow slide will cross over depending on condition (see the Speed Cross-Over Tech logo on the bag). In certain conditions such as high heat/low humidity, the slow side will have more bite for blocking, cutting, rolling and flop shots. The fast side will have good slide and expect slide to increase as the bag breaks in. In humid/cold conditions, the fast side will shift to the slow side and the carpet side will be the slide will good movement. Expect the slow side to be a little quick at first but slow down as it breaks in. Basically, the speed of this bag is shifty but once it breaks in and the player understands the effect of humidity, it will be extremely versatile. Mojo is designed to be a little fuller and firmer feeling than say the Viber-B. Give this bag about 10-20 games to break in. The slow side does not have graphics. Slightly more flex than Widow. Does not have Speed Control Dots.


Fast Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 3 Switch to the Viper if too slow


Fast Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 7 Good speed. Fast but not too fast.   


Slow Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 6 Switch to the Viper if too slow   


Slow Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 6 Bag will slow down as they break in. .   


Looseness Rating: 8.0 Break in the bags using our 1-Hour Break-In Kit. Slightly more flex than the Widow. Has a great feel in the hand. 


Durability Rating: 8.5 Good durability