Titan Bags

West Georgia Cornhole has been on the front lines of cornhole manufacturing for over 10 years, and as the sport of cornhole has evolved, we have too. As the game has grown more and more competitive over time, we have dedicated countless hours to researching what it takes to make the best professional grade products for competition, and as a result, Titan Bags were developed. This brand is the heart and soul of competitive cornhole, and we strive to make the best possible bags that the players choose and keep them reasonably priced. Here at West Georgia Cornhole and Titan bags, we are dedicated to being on the cutting edge of cornhole gear science and manufacturing.

We use only the highest quality materials available, and we go the extra mile to keep prices reasonable, even though we choose higher level fabrics and fill. We strive to be perfectly consistent with every print, stitch, cut, fill, and closure ensuring that you get the best product every time you make a purchase.