BG - Shapeshifter (ACL Pro 2021-2022)

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It's time for BG to Shapeshift the industry once again - Let's gooooo! 

No intro needed because the name says it all - The BG Shapeshifter is the first of our next generation of mid/fast bags and can morph its way through any blocker and melt in the hole. 

Paired with a controllable, smooth slow side, Shapeshifter introduces a first to market, brand new fast side material that is a complete monster on the boards and crushes all signs of humidity on sticky boards.  

We built this bag for the finesse fast bag thrower that wants to race to the hole confidently and those that need a bag that will continue to go straight up the board no matter how their bag looks in the air. 

Shapeshifter is rated a 6/9.5 on our speed scales and comes with a slightly larger template and flatter resin which gives it a beautiful feel in the hand, great control, speed when needed and most importantly, elite hole friendliness! 

Grab a set and start Shapeshifting your game to the next level! 

** BG Shapeshifter is ACL Pro approved and will deliver ACL Pro stamped **