BG - Wizard (ACL Pro 2021-2022)

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As seen on ESPN, NBC, CBS and ACL Digital Network absolutely hitting every shot - slide, push, flop, curve - BG Wizard will arm you with 4 little Soldiers that will help you take down all of your competition.

Defined by some as one of the best bags to ever grace the sport, our all new BG Wizard bags rival any bag on the market today!  Wizard is a highly versatile bag that has a high performance, faster slick side paired with the first to market, medium speed hybrid-blend material that allows precision players to flop/roll, curve and cut on demand while still being one of the most hole friendly bags in the game.  6/9 on the speed scale.

Made from 10oz polyester (faster side) and a hybrid-blend slow side.  Small closing seam filled to 450g using a premium recycled blend of plastic pellets, perfect fill volume and beautiful feel in your hand.  Wizard is sewn on industrial machines for perfect consistency bag to bag and the highest quality.  Find out what our product testers already know and pick up your set of BG Wizard bags today!  #GoBGorGoHome