SEVA - Smash

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Speed- 8.5/5

Get ready to elevate your cornhole experience with the SEVA Cornhole Smash. Crafted to perfection, this bag is the epitome of precision and versatility, designed to enhance every aspect of your game. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, the Smash bag is here to take your throws to the next level.

On one side, you'll find a 5-speed slow surface that provides you with exceptional control over your shots. Whether you're aiming to strategically block your opponent's moves or, finesse your way to victory with cut and roll shots, this slow side has got you covered.

Flip the bag over, and you have the ever popular 8.5-speed fast side. Same material as our Serpent bags. This side is tailor-made for those push shots that require precision and accuracy. Imagine the satisfaction of nailing those clutch pushes that will change the game in your favor.

The Smash bag boasts a medium fullness that feels just right in your hand, giving you the confidence you need to execute your throws flawlessly. Its distinct advantage lies in its thicker material, setting it apart from other bags like the Marksman, Penetrator, and Hypernova. This innovative design choice eradicates any concerns of bunching or hanging on the hole, ensuring a smooth and consistent performance every time.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of the block and push game like never before. With controllable speeds that put you firmly in the driver's seat, the Smash bag is your go-to choice for normal board conditions. Take charge of your game, dominate the competition, and let the Smash bag redefine your cornhole experience.

Are you ready to unleash precision, control, and versatility with every throw? Elevate your game with the SEVA Cornhole Smash bag today!