Ultra - Viper B

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This bag is quite unique.  The fast side is similar to the fast side of the Vapor bag and the fast side of Viper-C (without dots).  The slow side is the same as the Butter or the same as the Widow-B without the dots.  Great for quicker conditions or when blocking is a part of your game.   This bag is very forgiving around the hole and excellent for airmails.    

Fast Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 7   Cuts through heavy moisture like the Vapor bag. 

Fast Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 9   Very quick.  Too quick for most.  But a great hole magnet if you get it close.   

Slow Side Speed Rating (Cold/Damp): 4  Switch to the Viper if too slow   

Slow Side Speed Rating (Hot/Dry): 5   More stick for blocking, cutting, rolling and flop shots.   

Looseness Rating: 9.0   Great forgiveness and a hole magnet.  Still has a good feel in the hand. 

Durability Rating: 8.5  Probably the most durable bag we’ve ever produced.  However, the fast side is prone to snagging.   The fibers of the fabric are super strong  and when they catch onto a splinter they pull out of the fabric instead of breaking.  This will not cause the bag to fall apart but it will look like a line in the bag.   We do not warranty fiber pull outs so be sure the boards you play on are smooth on all edges.